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An Explanation Of The Differences Between An MRI And a CT Scan

February 09, 2023 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
CT scan A CT or computed tomography scan is a type of medical imaging that creates cross-sectional images of the body using X-rays. Hence, combining these photographs combines the interior of the body in fine detail in three dimensions. CT Scans typically observe bone abnormalities, cancers, as well...

Monoclonal Antibodies Infusion For Covid Analysis

July 29, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
monoclonal antibodies
Covid-19 is spreading again in the USA, but the death toll isn’t rising. This factor might be due to the immunity we developed from the vaccination or the last infection. No matter what the case is, we have developed advanced techniques to tackle this disease this time. The monoclonal antibodi...

How To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attacks

June 03, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Risk of Heart Attacks
5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack In the battle against heart attack and stroke, your lifestyle is your best protection and responsibility. The recommendations below are part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. The following guidelines can help you with the risks of heart attacks. Excessive chole...

Pediatric Care Services in Emergency Rooms- ER Of Dallas

April 14, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
pediatric care services
Significance of pediatric care services in Emergency Rooms Emergency Rooms staff have probably had the most significant influence on saving many lives, providing medical and surgical care to patients needing immediate medical attention. Even while we owe a debt of gratitude to emergency room workers...

What to Know About Stress and Heart Attacks?

March 18, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
heart attack symptoms
Heart disease is more likely in those under a great deal of stress, which has been “widely known” for decades. Is this, on the other hand, reasonably obvious? If this is the situation, how does anxiety increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and how can we get heart attack treatment...

Ovarian Cancer Testing

February 16, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Ovarian Cancer Testing
If you’re experiencing symptoms that might indicate ovarian cancer, your doctor will offer cancer tests and exams to determine the reason. Physical examination and medical history You’ll also be asked whether you’re experiencing any symptoms, when they began, and how long you&#8217...

Gallbladder Attack Symptoms When you need Emergency room

January 28, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Blood test for heart attack enzyme Richardson
Are you suffering from severe abdominal pain? There are many conditions that can cause pain in the stomach, one of the more common causes being a gallbladder attack. If you have been experiencing sudden, sharp pain in your stomach quite frequently in the past few days, there’s a possibility that y...

When to Go to the ER for High Blood Pressure?

January 18, 2022 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
When to Go to the ER for High Blood Pressure?
Blood pressure or Hypertension: Increased blood pressure, also known as Hypertension, is a medical condition in which the long-lasting force of the blood against the walls of an artery is raised enough to result in health problems, including heart diseases. The more blood your heart pumps, and the s...

5 Most Common Reasons to Go to the ER

December 17, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Blood test for heart attack enzyme Richardson
Emergency Rooms are established to deal with medical conditions that require immediate but very effective treatment. An Emergency Room has a very well-established Clinical Lab with state-of-the-art equipment to conduct Lab Tests for various diagnoses purposes. Emergency Rooms are preferred for vario...

PCR Covid Test Vs Rapid Test: Which Is More Effective?

October 06, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
covid 19
If you are feeling quite low on health, or you were just in close contact with someone with COVID-19, you must look into your COVID-19 Testing choices. You might have heard a lot about Coronavirus Testing. On the other, if you think you have symptoms of COVID-19 and need a test, immediately visit a ...

Fatigue After CT Scan with Contrast – Understanding the Aftermath

September 08, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Heart attack blood test enzyme Richardson
In the world of modern medicine, CT scans with contrast have become a common diagnostic tool. These scans are invaluable for their ability to reveal intricate details within the human body, allowing doctors to make more accurate diagnoses. However, for many patients, undergoing a CT scan with contra...

I was Dental X-Rays When Pregnant; would it Impact?

July 27, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
X-rays are peripherally useful from the diagnostic perspective. Bony diagnosis as to fractures, abdominal, and musculoskeletal diagnosis are subject to the implementation of X-rays. When do you need to undergo an X-ray? What is the procedure of X-rays? Are there any harmful implications of X-rays? W...

Is Low Blood Pressure A Sign For Visiting Emergency Room?

May 07, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
LOW Blood Pressure Emergency
Is Low Blood Pressure A Sign For Visiting Emergency Room? Health is influenced negatively by multiple aspects that a person normally faces. Low Blood Pressure is usually the most abrupt health influencer causing health complications. Though, the severity of low blood pressure is detrimental to the m...

What is Asthma? Common Asthma Triggers

April 12, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
What Is an Asthma Attack? An asthma attack is the worst and short form of asthma. An asthma attack is instigated by the clamping of tissue around the respiratory tract. This clamping is termed bronchospasm. When the asthma attack is happening, the air ducts lining also gets clogged or sore, and thic...

What is Cardiac Enzyme Test?

March 26, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Cardiac Enzyme Test
What is Cardiac Enzyme?  Enzymes are proteins that accelerate biological reactions in the human body. The enzymes are known as biomarkers. The enzyme analysis test involves measuring specific enzymes in the bloodstream which are troponin T and troponin I.  Both enzymes are directly related to a h...

Heart Palpitations – When to Seek ER Treatment

March 22, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Heart Palpitation
What is Heart Palpitation? Heart palpitations are accompanied by fast heart rate, flapping, or pounding heartbeat. Stress, exercise, medicine, or, seldom, a clinical illness is the reason for heart palpitation.  Even if heart palpitations can be alarming, they’re generally harmless. In rare ...

4 Early Signs of Heart Attack

March 08, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
If you’ve ever watched a film in which an entertainer suffers from heart pain, you’ve possibly witnessed them grasp their torso, eyeballs rolling back, moaning in solemn agony before they faint and pass out. Heart attack symptoms can be mild to severe, and sometimes they can be a sign of...

Headaches VS Migraines, Causes And Symptoms

February 24, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Headaches VS Migraines
Headaches VS Migraines Most of us are familiar with the pounding pain in the brain. Just another pain, correct? Not really, Here we will cover key differences between headaches and migraines. The migraine symptoms include, a disturbance in the mind is not an easy thing to bear and can be intolerable...