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What Is Smallpox? Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, And Prevention

January 18, 2024 By Dr. Abbas In Treatment
What Is Smallpox - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment And Prevention - ER of Dallas
Smallpox survivorship was high, but death rates were also high. The death rate from smallpox was about 30%. Furthermore, survivors of the disease frequently had extensive scarring and even lost their sight. Since a smallpox vaccination became available, smallpox no longer infects people. Since the s...

How to Find Diabetes Doctors Near Me

January 03, 2024 By Dr. Abbas In Treatment
How to Find Diabetes Doctors Near Me - ER of Dallas
An endocrinologist is a doctor who specializes in managing diabetes, although the term may not be familiar to you. The two, however, frequently go hand in hand. Here are some things to anticipate from an endocrinology consultation and how scheduling one can support the management of your diabetes. D...

Dog Bites: Preventing Infections and Treating Injuries

October 11, 2023 By admin In Treatment
Dog Bites Preventing Infections and Treating Injuries Featured
Dog bites are a common occurrence, and while dogs are usually friendly, accidents can happen. When faced with a dog bite, knowing how to prevent infections and provide proper first aid is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the steps you should take when dealing with a dog bite ...

A Complete Guide for Migraine—Causes and Treatment

February 13, 2023 By Dr. Abbas In Treatment
What is Migraine? A migraine is a headache that is attributed to intense, throbbing pain, often on one side of the head. The pain often comes with other symptoms such as sensitivity to light, noise, or smells; nausea; and vomiting. Moreover, they often appear in episodes and sometimes last for more ...

What Is The Treatment of The Flu?

January 09, 2023 By Dr. Abbas In Treatment, Lab Test
Girl having flu
What Is The Treatment for The Flu? There is a myth about flu that it can’t be treated, the virus stays long in your body, and you cannot get rid of it. As I stated earlier, it’s a myth that means you can treat the flu in certain ways. Fall and winter are the two […]...