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What is Cardiac Enzyme Test?

The cardiac enzyme blood test is useful in measuring the intensity of proteins and enzymes in the blood. This test is also useful in determining the level of damage to heart muscles. This test measures troponin I and troponin T. The enzymes are normally found in the blood. If the heart enzyme test shows a higher concentration of the enzymes then it means that the person has suffered a heart attack.

Normal levels of these proteins could indicate that the person is okay. The rise of their levels in the human body could be an indicator of other conditions such as depression etc.


What are the Normal Cardiac Enzyme Test Levels?

Cardiac Enzyme lab tests confirm the level of harmful enzymes in the body. The normal level of Troponin I is 0.12 ng/mL, while the normal value of troponin T is 0.12 ng/mL. Normal value differs from individual to individual. But if the value is above 99 percentile then it means that the person has experienced severe damage to heart muscles.

The blood test for cardiac enzyme determines the Troponin level, along with cardiac troponin, Creatinine kinase, CK-MB, and myoglobin. The rising concentration of these enzymes does not always mean a possible indicator of heart attack; it can rise for other reasons as well.

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What is the Reason for Heart Enzyme Test?

There are many reasons for which a physician will ask you to conduct a heart enzyme blood test. Cardiac enzyme analysis or test helps a doctor determine whether the patient is having or has already had a heart attack. Usually, a patient suffering from the following symptoms will need the heart attack enzyme test. These indications include:

A cardiac blood test for a heart attack is similar to a blood test. The physician will take the blood from your arms. You will feel tingling and then the pain will subside. The blood test will take approximately a few minutes. Doctors on the basis can find out the real reason for the problem.


How the Results of the Cardiac Enzyme Test are shown?

The result of heart enzyme tests is shown in nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml). This is a very accurate test. It can even reveal the smallest amount of enzyme that is present in the human body. It could rule out the possibility of a heart attack or even angina.

Physicians of ER of Dallas will take a deep look at your symptoms then suggest the treatment accordingly. Our doctors will ask you about the past medical history and treatments to get a clear picture of your condition. But this test alone is not necessary for diagnosis. There are other tests as well that will help to assess the condition further.

What is Cardiac Enzymes Lab?

Physician at ER of Dallas we will conduct the cardiac enzyme tests at cardiac enzyme laboratory. We are fully equipped with medical instruments, clinical laboratory and our physicians go to a great extent to deal with any medical emergency related to the heart or any other symptom.

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