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Pediatric Care Plano TX

We at the ER of Dallas take pride in being your preferred provider of pediatric urgent care in Plano and surrounding communities. The Children’s ER of Dallas understands that distinct medical care depending on children’s requirements is very important. Our team of specially trained healthcare workers is responsible for maintaining the welfare and quick recovery of your munchkins.

Why Choose Pediatric Urgent Care Plano

It cannot be overemphasized how critically significant timely and effective medical attention is to the health of any child. The ER of Dallas puts the needs of the kids first and strives to make it feel like home, where kids can be welcomed and feel safe and comfortable.

Pediatric Care Plano Expertise

The pediatricians board-certified, as well as the experienced health professionals in our team who have teratology expertise are the core of our services. Thanks to our pediatrician Plano that had been functioning for many years, we not only possess knowledge but also medical specialization that is necessary to work in a setting from the mildest medical conditions to the most serious emergencies.

Compassionate Urgent Care Pediatric Plano

We understand that a trip to the emergency department might be difficult and frightening for both children and their parents particularly, and so this also causes some distress. We thrive on compassion and empathy, therefore, every interaction provides the opportunity to share. The first second of your visit to our doors will be welcomed with compassion, courtesy, and professionalism even before you come in.

Advanced Facilities

ER of Dallas has state of an art building that contains facilities with the latest medical equipment and advanced diagnostic technologies to provide speculative and reassuring diagnoses and treatments to patients. Our pediatric urgent care for kids Plano busy daycare center features on the recall, such as child-oriented amenities and children’s medical equipment.

Our Kids Urgent Care Plano Services

  • Emergency Care: Often crashes or emergency cases do not even cross the mind of an outdoor lover. At the spot of care, our pediatric emergency department is staffed by experienced medical professionals with years of practice and expertise in managing a wide range of cases from broken bones to severe allergic responses.
  • Illness Treatment: The young ones always have a pediatrician, who can recognize what illness it is, and who will inform them on the correct way to get treated. We will help you come up with an effective treatment process, and in the meantime, we will also make the sick child recover faster.
  • Injury Management: Ranging from head to toe to minor/major sports injuries, we have experience in dealing with pediatric injuries. Deterrents are slow interventions that help to minimize pain and arrest deterioration.
  • Urgent Care Services: Also, serve at the emergency room and the urgent care in the area of Plano. On-demand pediatrics displayed at our emergency unit offer quick medical assistance to non-critical ailments and wounds hence helping your child receive the required health care service when they most need it.

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A combination of a team of seasoned and compassionate staff’s medical-care giving is the key to a friendly and safe environment. Kids Clinic Plano has never been more accessible and comfortable since there was such a thing as a kid's clinic. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further ideas. Just stop by when you are free to make an appointment. We always focus on the wellness and the health of your child first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultrasound, which resembles the echolocation ability possessed by animals such as bats, produces picture-like images of internal structures by reflecting sound waves and it is non-invasive and free from ionizing radiation. On the opposite hand, X-rays require the use of ionizing radiation to distinguish bones and dense tissues, while MRIs work with the use of magnetic fields and radio waves to excel in the imaging of soft tissues and organs.

Yes, the ultrasound is deemed to be safe both for women who are pregnant and their developing fetus(es). Such radiation is not known to interfere with the important process of embryonic and fetal development; it can also play a significant role in abnormalities diagnosis and assessment of the mother´s well-being. Obstetric ultrasound occupies a very important place in antenatal care, allowing the doctors to make a diagnosis and prepare the parents for such an important holding.

The conditions before the launch of an ultrasound scan depend on the type of ultrasound program that is being held. When fasting can help to improve image clarity during abdominal ultrasound scans.

The most common procedure used in prenatal diagnosis is ultrasound, a procedure that is deemed safe and non-invasive. There is no record of long-term effects. Unlike X-ray or CT scans which are done with radiation, ultrasound utilizes sound waves, hence it does not subject oneself to radiation dangers.

The number of hours that ultrasound tests will take, is determined by some factors such as the different types of examinations and areas of interest being evaluated, as well as the general complexity of the case. Almost all of them, in general, do not last longer than an hour and 30 minutes.

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