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Full-Service Laboratory Plano

At our Benford professional facility, we provide an all-embracing laboratory service assortment required for your healthcare needs. Be it advanced testing services that are provided to support the patients or healthcare professionals across the region as a major diagnostic solution provider, we are proud of this.

Emergency Room Plano: Your Constantly-Available Lifesaver

Besides laboratory services we offer, we also work with the Emergency Room Plano to ensure the patients will have to deal with nothing else but comprehensive urgent care solutions. Our immediate goal is to offer patient-centered care as well as previously established high-quality emergency medicine.

Why Choose Our Full-Service Laboratory in Plano, TX

  1. The lab of the latest technology and instrumentation ensures the precision and timeliness of all results. From routine laboratory testing to specialized analyses, we accomplish that through the ability of technology to provide precise diagnostics.
  2. Team members include experienced and board-certified pathologists and laboratory experts (medical technologists and technicians). Assuring unparalleled quality in each test we do, being the laboratory scientists with many years of experience is what we are devoted to.
  3. Our test menu is designed to facilitate complete lab work, which is signified by coverage of almost all specialties, for instance, hematology, chemistry, microbiology, immunology, and molecular diagnostics. Whether it is routine checks or comprehensive research you need, we deliver once you entrust us.
  4. We realize that timely provision of the results is of the utmost scope of healthcare decisions. Our streamlined processes and efficient workflows have constantly been the backbone of our business model which has led us to always deliver on time without compromising the quality at the same time.
  5. Every patient is unique; we offer precision health services customized to their individual needs. Our staff works with healthcare service providers to develop the ideal testing approach for each personal patient case, thus making it easy to achieve the accurate results needed for a valid diagnosis.
  6. Quality is the very foundation of our operations. Our laboratory functions under a strict regulatory standard, and we always adhere to the sound quality assurance protocol to ensure precision and accuracy.

Full-Service Laboratory in Plano: Reexamining Healthcare

At our advanced laboratory in Plano, we strive to transcend the existing standards in healthcare by developing new technologies, improving clinical practice, and focusing on client-oriented care. Are you a healthcare provider who needs dependable diagnostics services or a patient searching for accurate diagnostic results? We are here for you to help guide you all the way.

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We’re all set to show you the medics corner of our full-service lab in Plano, TX, that can make a difference to your healthcare. Feel free to contact us anytime for further details and also to make an appointment with us. Our team is pleased to assist you and help you obtain the responses you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Plano, TX facility is a full-service lab that offers a complete range of tests that cover disciplines such as hematology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, and molecular diagnostics. Whether you need ordinary screening procedures or specialized tests, we have the know-how and technology required for you.

We realize the need for a fast response. Thanks to our streamlined processes, we don’t sacrifice accuracy on the way to delivering fast turnaround times. The timeline may differ from one test to another but we care about efficiency so that we can give you the reports sooner.

Typically, a doctor’s recommendation is required for testing since tests are ordered only after your medical history is taken into consideration. Yet, some screening studies might go without a referral. We advise you to consult your healthcare provider since he/she will specify the testing that would fit you best.

We take in many different insurances, and we try to advance coverage to the patients as much as we can. The billing team would gladly complete insurance verification and loading for their patients. For those who do not carry insurance or have insufficient insurance, we offer affordable self-pay rates.

The quality attribution is overwhelming and is therefore paramount. We have always been strict in the quality and our quality assurance processes are top-notch and guarantee you the best quality. Our team is always implementing the standard operating procedure and ensuring easy monitoring of data quality. Furthermore, not only do we conduct tests following the rules and regulations, but also guarantee the accuracy and validity of each one of our test results.

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