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CT Scan Plano TX

We are proud to serve as the finest provider of advanced medical imaging in Plano, Texas. At the ER of Dallas, we realize that precise diagnostics and immediate treatment are of the utmost significance. Because of that, we provide not only the best but also the latest CT scan services in Plano.

CT Scan Plano

Our state-of-the-art CT scan machines can provide clear images of your internal organs, enabling us to determine a variety of medical conditions speedily and precisely. No matter whether you suffer from pain, injury, or illness, we provide a CT scan in Plano that will obtain the necessary information for efficient treatment plan formulation.

PET Scan Plano

Besides CT scans, we also provide PET scans in Plano. PET scans are especially helpful in finding cancer, determining the efficiency of cancer therapy, and investigating brain disorders. Our PET scan services provide that you are getting the best standard of care for you right here in Plano.

Why Choose Us

  • Advanced Technology: We employ the latest in CT and PET scanning to provide high-quality images and the most correct diagnosis for our patients.
  • Team with Experience: Our medical staff is made up of seasoned specialists who are authorities in their fields. At the Emergency Room of Dallas, we can guarantee you that you’re in good hands thanks to our years of experience and specialized training.
  • Convenience: This is a local facility located right here in Plano, which gives residents of surrounding communities an option to easily access services. With abundant parking and a convenient location, you can be assured of a trouble-free experience at the ER of Dallas.
  • Prompt Service: We understand that time is life-saving during medical treatment. And that’s why we aim to offer speedy service which translates to less waiting times and giving you the answers you need as fast as we can.
  • Comprehensive Care: In addition CT Scan Plano features a wide range of services, enabling us to deal with various healthcare demands without stepping out of the building.

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Situated in Plano, our facility is great for those who want to check out this place and live in the nearby cities. No matter whether you live in our local city of Plano itself or other cities like Richardson or nearby cities of Frisco, you'll chance on our place just being at the perfect spot. Be the author of your life and don't delay getting answers to your health questions. If you need to book your CT Scan in Plano, then you can do it today at the ER of Dallas. Come along and find out about what makes our innovative imaging services so much better than other types of diagnosis and treatments. With the technologically advanced equipment and the most caring healthcare professionals you can entrust the medical imaging needs in Plano and beyond to the ER of Dallas.

Frequently Asked Questions

An X-ray of CT produces detailed images and a PET detects metabolic activity when using a radioactive tracer which some diseases like cancer it can be identified.

They are usually deemed safe and are conducted by competent professionals. CT scans contribute a small amount of radiation, but only PET scans pose a risk from radioactive tracing agents.

Preparation can consist of fasting before the exam, ceasing certain medications a few days before, and following the advice given by your primary care doctor for an accurate outcome.

CT scans only require several minutes, but for PET examinations 30-45 minutes need to be devoted to the scanning of the area and the preparation.

CT scans allow better visualization of anatomical structures than PET scans, which are very useful in detecting unhealthy cell growth in cancer. Furthermore, they can be used to evaluate cancer and detect metabolic changes in different conditions.

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