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Looking For ER "Near Me" or Emergency Center "Near Me"?

ER of Dallas is the emergency room at your nearest locations. Whenever you will search for "ER near me" you will find us in your neighborhood in the Dallas area. We are proudly serving and providing the best option for medical treatment, round the clock services, with highly experienced doctors and staff.

We treat multiple medical conditions including stroke, heart attack, pneumonia, headache, flu, fever, etc. We have all the equipment like a traditional hospital. The advanced facilities at our center include Ultrasound, EKG scan, CT scan, digital X-rays.

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Where Can I Get Tested for COVID "Near Me"?

Our ER of Dallas center also does COVID-19 testing. We are ER nearest to you providing you with all the healthcare facilities and have state-of-the-art equipment. Do not put the lives of you and your loved ones in danger. If you are doubtful then please run a diagnostic test at our facility to evaluate all the symptoms.

We conduct PCR and antigen tests at reasonable costs. Our qualified doctors are capable of handling virus symptoms can provide you timely treatment as well. You will get the test results reports a lot quicker than you expect. The best part about us, we are safe as compared to local hospitals.

24 Hours Medical Care Facility You Want in an Emergency Room

Where can I Get Medical Tests at Emergency Center “Near me”?

ER of Dallas is an emergency room that treats and deals with all medical conditions. We have the latest laboratory that can do any type of test including cardiac enzyme analysis tests, strep mono, and flu tests as well as other relevant tests. With minimal and short wait times and the nearest and accessible location, we are the one-stop solution to all your medical problems.

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