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Dr. Abbas Raza Mian, MD, is an experienced health care provider primarily located in Dallas, TX. He has specializes in Internal Medicine, Other Specialty, and Hospital Medicine. Dr. Mian is affiliated with a regional medical center.

What is Asthma? Common Asthma Triggers

April 12, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
What Is an Asthma Attack? An asthma attack is the worst and short form of asthma. An asthma attack is instigated by the clamping of tissue around the respiratory tract. This clamping is termed bronchospasm. When the asthma attack is happening, the air ducts lining also gets clogged or sore, and thic...

What is Cardiac Enzyme Test?

March 26, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Cardiac Enzyme Test
What is Cardiac Enzyme?  Enzymes are proteins that accelerate biological reactions in the human body. The enzymes are known as biomarkers. The enzyme analysis test involves measuring specific enzymes in the bloodstream which are troponin T and troponin I.  Both enzymes are directly related to a h...

Heart Palpitations – When to Seek ER Treatment

March 22, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
Heart Palpitation
What is Heart Palpitation? Heart palpitations are accompanied by fast heart rate, flapping, or pounding heartbeat. Stress, exercise, medicine, or, seldom, a clinical illness is the reason for heart palpitation.  Even if heart palpitations can be alarming, they’re generally harmless. In rare ...

4 Early Signs of Heart Attack

March 08, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Injuries
If you’ve ever watched a film in which an entertainer suffers from heart pain, you’ve possibly witnessed them grasp their torso, eyeballs rolling back, moaning in solemn agony before they faint and pass out. Heart attack symptoms can be mild to severe, and sometimes they can be a sign of...

Chest Pain Causes Symptoms

February 26, 2021 By Dr. Abbas In Heart Treatment
Chest Pain Symptoms
Dangers and Symptoms of Chest Pain Chest pain appears in several shapes, varying from a sharp stab to a dull ache. It is accompanied by a lot of indications and dangers. Sometimes chest ache seems crushing or burning. In some instances, this pain travels up the neck, into the throat, and then spread...